PFT G5 -- a versatile mixing pump for multiple application

Heralded as the "new G4", the PFT G5 was launched at Bauma '98 in Munich, and if its performance todate is anything to judge by it will be just as successful as its predecessor.

The PFT G5 takes pumping and mixing of floor screed, projection plaster, renders, grout and fire protection materials to an even more sophisticated level. As Marcus Alcindor, responsible for UK operations explained:

"The G5 has the power and performance of a much larger machine contained in a very portalbe and manageable system, so hat transport to and around site could not be simpler. Its speed and ease of use has ensured that the G5 is now the contractor's preferred choice".

A quote from an article in 'Concrete Engineering International' best sums up the reaction from the market to the PFT G5:

"...the PFT G5, once used they seldom return to manual mixing methods. State at the art mixing means the quality is consistent hour after hour and the units are easy to clean and maintain to keep them operating effectively on a busy site from day to day.

(source from "News Mix", the newsletter of PFT, winter 2000)

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