Angle Bead
ANWELL Plastic Angle Bead®
90owall angle type
PAB2001 Double color angle bead
90owall angle type for thin layer finish
PAB2301 Double color angle bead
90oinner wall angle type
PiB 00/V-91-W2 White color (inner) angle bead
Render Stops Bead
PSB212 White color stops bead
* HK Registered Design Registration No.: 0110485.0

Manual cement finishing is the traditional method of cementing. But it is difficult and time consuming to get the wall corners straight, flat and vertical to the floor and it is costly. And then galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum angle bead are used for handling the corners, the result is quite good. However, the metal angle bead get chemical reaction easily after painting, which causes the wall corners and surface to turn yellow and dark. And maintenance work may not be possible to carry out. Many European and Southeast Asians countries have therefore started to use plastic angle bead instead.

ANWELL Plastic Angle Bead® is mainly made of non-flammable PVC, it is specially strengthened for anti-acidic, anti-alkaline and anti-corrosive. ANWELL Plastic Angle Bead® is light and can bent in 360o. Easy handling and economical price makes it more attractive, suitable for internal and external wall. Future maintenance work is also more convenient. Various shapes are available to suit different usage.

ANWELL Plastic Angel Bead® was applied in accordance with BS 2782:Part 1:Method 140A:1992. Burning Behavior Test, ASTM G53-96 Weather Resistance Test, BS 6452:Part 1:1984 Dimension Test and  Acidic & Alkaline Resistance Test.

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